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15% off when you subscribe with code NEWFACE15

Introducing Geo F Trumper

Face & Co are pleased to now offer all our customer's a wide selection of Geo F Trumper products, a name synonymous with luxury grooming items for men made to the highest quality. Whether you are looking for fragrances, hair care products, waxes and oils for beards and moustaches, or a wide selection of accessories, Geo F Trumper has everything the modern man needs.

Providing Luxury Since 1875

Geo F Trumper was established by George Francis William Trumper in 1875 and started life as a gentleman’s barbershop, but George soon earned a reputation for being an excellent master perfumer. They have two locations in London, one in Mayfair and one in St James, where they still offer shaves and haircuts of the highest quality. The men's grooming products that are on offer from Geo F Trumper are extensive and diverse, and they offer everything that a man may need to keep them looking, and feeling great.

A Geo F Trumper Product For Everyone

Geo F Trumper has everything that a man needs to feel fresh and clean during their daily routine, making them feel ready to take on the world. Some of the products that Face & Co are currently stocking are as follows;

  • Shaving Products – There is a wide selection of razors to choose from as well as shaving brushes and shaving creams. You can choose from a variety of different shaving soaps in wooden bowels that will have you starting your day feeling refreshed. 
  • Beards & Moustaches – There are also a variety of different products to help care for your beard or moustache, with waxes and oils to keep them soft and supple. 
  • Aftershaves & Fragrances – One of the most popular products from Geo F Trumper are the fragrances that they offer. An essential part of shaving so that the pores close, aftershaves will have you smelling gorgeous as you get ready to start your day. 
  • Nails – You can also choose one of the manicure and pedicure sets that have everything that you need to keep your nails trimmed to a respectable level. 
  • Skin Care – Geo F Trumper also offers an extensive range of skincare products, some of which are for men and others which are unisex. Give your skin the nourishment that it needs to stay looking soft and healthy. 
  • Lots More Besides – There are also lots of other accessories and products available for you to choose from, including shoehorns, wash bags, shaving brush stands, or you can also select a Havana cigar humidor.  

The Highest Quality Men’s Grooming Products

Face & Co pride ourselves in the quality products that we supply to our customers, as well as the exceptional service that we also offer. We update our stock continually so we will bring the latest Geo F Trumper products as they are available, meaning that you do not need to go anywhere else to purchase a little grooming luxury. Browse our new Geo F Trumper collection and see what is missing from your grooming routine today. 

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