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The Perfect Shaving Combo

The Perfect Shaving Combo

Face & Co knows that everyone's face and beard are different, which also means that the perfect shaving combo kit is different for each person. Because of this, Face & Co stocks a wide variety of the highest quality shaving supplies for men, which includes razors, brushes, creams, soaps, aftershaves, and balms. With so much choice available, you will be able to create the perfect shaving kit for you that will leave your face feeling fantastic afterwards, ready to get on with your day.

The Perfect Shaving Brush

You will want to select a shaving brush which has stiff bristles which will help to lift your beard, and massage your face at the same time. Traditionally, many shaving brushes are made from horse’s hair, but Face & Co have a selection of the highest quality badger hair shaving brushes, as well as traditional styles and manmade options.

The Perfect Shaving Cream

The perfect shaving cream does more than one job, and the first thing it does it helps to lift the beard and smooth the face, making it easier to shave. The second job that it does is it moisturises the face, helping to alleviate blemishes and razor burn. Face & Co have a variety of different shaving creams to choose from, including fragranced ones, as well as options that are alcohol-free, meaning there is something for everyone.

The Perfect Razor

Finding the perfect razor is simple with the number of choices that are available at Face & Co, and there are many different types from which you can choose. You may prefer the traditional open edge cut-throat razor, a double edge safety razor, or one of our razors that are compatible with Gillette Mach 3 and Fusion razors. You will want to select a razor that is well balanced and weighted, and fits well into your hand, and can give you that close shave for which you have been looking. Whatever your preference in type of razor is, Face & Co have the perfect solution for you that will feel like it is made for your hand.

The Perfect Aftershave Lotions & Balms

When you have finished your shave, you will need to close those pores in the skin, and the best way is to use one of the aftershave lotions and shaving balms that Face & Co supplies. As well as closing the pores, the balms and lotions on offer also have anti-bacterial and moisturising properties, leaving your face feeling fresh and clean after your shave. You can select from some of the highest quality products from manufacturers such as Geo F Trumper, Mühle, and Colonel Ichabod Conk, to name but a few.

If you are on the lookout for the perfect shaving combo kit, have a look at the many products Face & Co have to offer, where quality, value for money, and customer service is of paramount importance. Start your day the right way with a close and clean shave, leaving you ready to deal with whatever the world has to throw at you.

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