Edwin Jagger

Bulbous Green Mach3 Turbo Compatible Razor, Synthetic Silvertip Shaving Brush & Stand

The Edwin Jagger Bulbous Green 3 Piece Mach3 Set (Synthetic Silver Tip is part of the Edwin Jagger Premium Collection and is made using a durable glossy green polyester material. The sophisticated design and colour palette echo Edwin Jagger’s traditional English heritage with an attractive contemporary twist. The shaving set includes Mach3 razor, shaving brush filled with synthetic silver tip fibre and a chrome plated double wire stand. Edwin Jagger Mach3 razors combine expert craftsmanship with modern design, featuring an Edwin Jagger handle alongside genuine Gillette parts. The Bulbous razor is handmade with solid turned green polyester handle and features chrome plated collar and end cap. The Gillette Mach3 head features a long lasting lubrastrip to enhance razor glide and indicates when the cartridge head needs changing. Each head contains three sharp blades in order to achieve a particularly close and comfortable shave.

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