Edwin Jagger

Bulbous Satin Chrome Mach3 Turbo Compatible Razor


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This Edwin Jagger Satin Chrome Bulbous Mach3 Razor is handmade in Sheffield, England using solid turned, hand polished brass and a triple chrome plating processes to produce the exquisite satin finish. You can be sure you are buying the finest Mach3 razors when it comes to Edwin Jagger. This is a smooth, contemporary razor that uses Gillette's Mach3 shaving blades. It's medium weight and beautifully balanced, meaning you don't have to press on too hard, reducing the likelihood of nicks and cuts. Mach3 blades feature a lubrication strip which helps the razor to glide and protects your skin from irritation, and a microfin skin guard that stretches the skin, preparing the hairs to be cut. The sharp blades are engineered to last for 15 comfortable shaves.

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