Powerful Purifying Face Scrub (50g)

A wonderfully cleansing facial scrub, gentle enough to use at least twice a week, which draws on the natural goodness of Plum and Garnet, Patchouli and Petigrain to reveal supple, glowing, vibrant skin. GARNET Rejuvenating, Warming Garnet is known to stimulate the circulation, helps warm and revitalise, and from a holistic perspective it helps enhance trust and honesty. PATCHOULI Mood-enhancing, Relaxing One of the most versatile oils, Patchouli is known to treat an array of skin problems and sensitive skin. It also helps to relax any feelings of tension, and is a mood and energy enhancer.
See product label for details. Always read the label.
See product packaging for usage instruction. Always read the label.

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