Bluebeards Revenge Soap Stack Kit (3x175g)

The Bluebeards Revenge Soap Stack is a colourful scented soap set that is sure to bring luxurious suds to every shower or bath. This big bundle of ingot-shaped bars features three mouth-watering fragrances. Gift Set Contains: Classic Ice Soap, Big Blue Bar of Soap for Blokes, Cuban Gold Soap (Each 175g)

Usage: Incredibly, the law does say that we need to instruct you in the art of using soap, so here goes. Add water to create a fine lather, rub into body from head to toe, then rinse off. Simple! This is also a fine opportunity to check the family jewels for any unwelcome lumps or bumps, so go right ahead and have a good firtle. If you do find anything unusual on the nuttage then please refer to your physician straight away.

Ingredients: See Individual Products for Details. Always Read the Label.

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