St James of London: A Look Back At The Brands History

St James of London is an iconic brand, and for over 65 years, they have been providing people with the highest quality grooming products for men. The name is synonymous with luxury, and they have a wide and varied selection of different products available, many of which you will find on the Face & Co website. The brand has grown to become one that is instantly recognisable, even though the company floundered less than ten years ago. Here is some of the fascinating history of the St James of London brand that will help you to connect with this luxurious brand and understand what they are about, and where they have come from since starting just after World War II.

A Dark Time For London

As with many cities throughout the world during World War II, London was devastated by the Blitz, but the end of the war saw an era of rebirth and rebuilding which epitomised the British stiff upper lip attitude. With Queen Elizabeth taking the throne in 1953, it was a time for rebuilding. Although times were still challenging, the can-do attitude saw the birth of many quality companies that are still around today, including St James of London. After the war, saw peace and prosperity, which also embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, and people were looking to rebuild their lives and careers. Then, in 1953, a British chemist saw an opportunity and set up St James of London, which was the start of the journey to becoming an iconic brand.

The Establishment Of A Brand

When it was first established, St James of London had one goal in mind, and that was to create 100% natural skincare, fragrances, and grooming products for men. The idea was to create products which were friendly for the skin, while also being luxurious and healthy, even for people with sensitive skin. The first product was released 1954, a year after the formation of the company, and it was an all-natural post-shaving lotion called Founders Reserve, which is still available today but is now called Cedarwood & Clarysage. St James of London was on the map and would continue to grow to become a name that is synonymous with luxurious grooming products for men, made with 100% natural ingredients.

A Fall Into Decline

The brand and their products proved to be popular with the gentlemen of London, and grooming was something of the highest importance, as first impressions count. However, over the coming decades, the brand fell into obscurity, and the 1960s and 1970s saw an increase in beards and long hair for men, with grooming becoming less of a priority. The decline would come to a stop though, as the brand was about to be resurrected and reinvented, keeping the same traditional values that the company first embraced.

Time For Some Fresh Blood

Fast forward to 2013 and an American, Todd Fisher, acquired the trademarks and the product formulas from the original company that was set up in 1953. Todd had plenty of experience within the industry and talked with the owner of the company for two years before deciding to take the plunge and buy the rights to the brand. Todd embraced the tradition of providing high-quality products for male grooming, and even though he relocated the operations of the company to America, still uses the same factory that was originally used by St James of London to produce their products. 

Keeping The Same Company Ethos

Todd wanted to keep the same dedication to quality that the company was founded on and bring luxury products to the market that are 100% natural and suitable for all skin types. In 2014 the first revised products were launched, and Todd started with Cedarwood & Clarysage and soon following that with Mandarin & Patchouli. Since the rebirth in 2014, St James of London has added to their products extensively and continues the tradition of making their products in small batches, which allows them to ensure the quality of them. Using natural ingredients and adding an unexpected twist is something that St James of London has been doing for decades and was something that Todd was keen to keep doing.

Friendly To The Skin & The Environment

Todd was also keen to carry on the organic nature of the company and strove to ensure that not only the products were 100% natural, but all the packaging came from sustainable or recycled sources and was environmentally friendly. 

St James of London makes luxurious and affordable grooming products, but you will not find them everywhere. Their products are only sold at quality establishments such as haberdashers, barbershops, spas, and resorts, as well as at Face & Co, and many people love their products. With a wide variety of different items available, all made to the same exacting standards, and if you have never tried St James of London products before, you may be in for a treat.