Classic Scents: Simple & Beautiful

St James of London has become well known for creating classic scents with a twist, using all-natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. When it comes to creating distinguished fragrances, there is no better brand, and Face & Co have a wide variety of their products from which to choose. Here are some of the classic scents available that have given them a reputation for providing affordable luxury. 

Cedarwood & Clarysage

Cedarwood & Clarysage was the first fragrance that St James of London launched in 1954, and this classic scent is still a firm favourite today. The aroma has an earthy element to it, with undertones of Bay Rose and Geranium, as well as spicy pepper and Atlas Cedar. You can get post-shave gels, pre-shave oils, cologne, body wash, and shaving cream in this delectable aroma.

Sandalwood & Bergamot

Another firm favourite with customers is the Sandalwood & Bergamot range of products that St James of London offers. As with most of the fragrances that are available from St James of London, they are available in a variety of different products. The aroma is a scintillating blend of jasmine, vanilla, amber, and citrus, that is well balanced and is a timeless English scent that is perfect for any occasion.

Black Pepper & Lime

The black pepper and lime fragrances are also extremely popular, and they are a mixture of peppercorn oil and Persian lime that has the distinct aroma of fresh linen sheets with a hint of wood. It is an uncomplicated fragrance that is suitable for both formal, and informal occasions, and gives off a confident vibe.

Mandarin & Patchouli

A cool and refreshing mixture of jasmine, iced mango, citrus, and green accords, Mandarin & Patchouli give you a natural scent that is full of sophistication. It is a 100% natural product that is free of alcohol, sulphate, and paraben, is a classic throwback to times gone by, but with a modern twist. With St James of London having oils, gels, creams, and colognes in this stunning fragrance, you will only find these products in quality establishments and retailers, such as Face & Co.

Tonka & Tobacco Flower

The Tonka & Tobacco Flower fragrance is another classic scent that may remind you of a different time. It is a subtle blend of the tobacco flower, tonka bean, raspberry, cocoa, and precious woods. If you are looking for a sophisticated fragrance that is also a timeless classic, Tonka & Tobacco Flower is the perfect scent that you can wear socially, or professionally, in any situation.