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Shaving Like The Gods

Shaving Like The Gods

If you are looking for the ultimate close shave, then you may wish to consider going old school and purchase a traditional razor known as an open razor, or affectionately also called a cut-throat razor. Before the safety razor was invented in 1901, men would use an open razor to shave their faces, and these were also a common sight in barbershops. The old fashioned technology has not changed much, apart from the materials they are made with, and their popularity is resurgent. Many barbershops are now offering old fashioned shaves to their customers, and this is something that you can also do at home.

Using A Traditional Razor

If you wish to try using an open razor and you have a steady hand, Face & Co have many different types to choose from giving customers plenty of choices. You will need to keep in mind that using an open razor will take more time than using a safety one, and there is also some preparation to do. You will want to soften the skin and hair which can be done by taking a hot shower or using a hot cloth and you will also want to add a pre-shaving oil to the skin and apply your favourite shaving gel. Use a shaving brush to work the gel into your beard and skin, which will help to soften the skin and hairs, as well as make them stand up.

Making The First Cut

You will need a steady hand using this type of razor, and you should hold it at around a 30-degree angle to your face, holding it too straight will tear the stubble, and if you keep it too flat, you may cut yourself. Pick a side of your face to start with, and use short even strokes that go downwards, starting with the flatter parts of your face, which are more manageable to shave. You can then start on the area around your upper lip and chin, taking time with your strokes to ensure you do not nick the skin or cut yourself. You may need to contort your face to pull and stretch the skin, making it easier to shave, and when you get to your neck, you should take added caution to prevent any accidents. 

After You Finish Shaving

After you have finished shaving, you will want to apply aftershave to close your pores in your skin, and if you have any cuts or nicks, put some tissue paper on them till the bleeding stops. Adding a moisturiser or cream to your face can also help prevent rashes from forming, and you will also want to ensure that you clean your razor correctly which will help to keep it sharp, giving you the ultimate in close shaves. You will want to wipe your razor with a soft cloth to remove any hair, shaving cream, and moisture, and store it somewhere that is dry, which will help to prevent any rust from forming. Once you have tried shaving with a traditional open razor, even though it takes more time, you may never go back to using a safety razor, instead preferring the close shave you get from a cut-throat razor.

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