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Geo F Trumper: Luxurious Grooming Products For Men

Geo F Trumper: Luxurious Grooming Products For Men

If there is a name that is known around the world for luxurious men's grooming products, Geo F Trumper is the one. The brand was started in a barbershop on Curzon Street, just around the corner from Mayfair, by George Francis William Trumper in 1875. George was not only a fantastic barber, but he was also a master perfumer, and his shop soon gained a reputation with the city's gentlemen. Face & Co proudly offer a wide and varied selection of luxurious grooming products for men from Geo F Trumper, and below is are some of the finest of them.

A Close Clean Shave

With Geo F Trumper starting as a barbershop, shaving was also an intrinsic part of the service for them, and they have a wide selection of razors from which you can choose. If you are close enough to visit the shop, they will even teach you the correct technique for shaving for how your facial hair grows, as well as recommend the best products for your skin type. As well as razors, there are also plenty of options for shaving creams, such as their Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl or Almond Shaving Cream. There are also a wide variety of different shaving accessories available, from wash bags to shaving stands, and plenty of stuff in between.

A Well-Groomed Beard Or Moustache

If you prefer to have facial hair rather than shave it all off, then there is still plenty of Geo F Trumper products available for you. You can choose from the San Remo or Extract of Limes beard oil to help keep your facial hair soft and supple, and there is also the Extract of Limes Beard Wash, to keep your facial hair nice and clean. If you like to style your moustache, there is also moustache wax which will help to keep it in place. 

An All Over Clean

Geo F Trumper also offers a wide selection of bath and shower gels in a variety of different scents, including GFT, Paisley, San Remo, Eucris, and Extract of Limes to name a few. There is also hair and body wash, body scrubs, body lotions, in a fantastic variety of fragrances, which will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated after you bathe.

Well Kept Hair

There is a myriad of different hair grooming products from Geo F Trumper which will have you looking dashing and fabulous. There are a variety of shampoos and conditioners which will have your hair in excellent condition and smelling great, as well as a variety of pomades and hair styling creams and lotions. 

Smelling As Good As You Look

To finish off the look you will need to smell fantastic, and Geo F Trumper has a wide selection of men's fragrances, from traditional scents to modern interpretations with a twist. The Eau de Cologne range is vast, and you can choose from Sandalwood, Extract of Lime, Spanish leather, milk of flowers, and Marlborough, to name but a few, all of which are in stock on the Face & Co website. 

These are a few of the top product lines that Geo F Trumper has available, and there is a vast array available on the Face & Co website. Whether you are looking for beautiful smelling fragrances, tools to aid your shaving, or something to help style your hair, there is everything that the modern man needs with Geo F Trumper.

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