The Traditional Look On The Neo Modern Man

It seems that retro is prevalent in many walks of life, whether it is fashion, jewellery,
furniture, or with our looks, and if you are looking to gain a traditional look in this
modern age, you are not alone. There is an air of suave and sophistication in the
traditional look of men from yesteryear, and you can replicate this by following the
steps below.

The Groomed Look

If you look back at images of men from yesteryear, men in all walks of life were well-
groomed, whether they were clean-shaven or had a beard. Traditionally men would
shave daily to ensure that there was no stubble, and for those that had a beard or a
moustache, they would trim it regularly to make sure that they were neat and
presentable. Ensure after shaving that you use aftershave to close your pores, and if
you have a beard, you will want to oil it to keep it soft and manageable. You may
also wish to moisturise your face, which will help you keep your youthful looks, and
help prevent razor burn or a rash from developing. You will also need to have your
hair cut monthly, which keeps it manageable and presentable, and for those with
longer hair on top, you may wish to use some oil or Brylcream.

Smart & Presentable Clothes

Another thing that is noticeable in men from times gone by is that their clothes were
well presented and smart. A pinstripe suit and a quality short and tie can help you to
achieve the traditional look, and it is also suitable for working in an office
environment. For a more casual look when you are going out and socialising, you
can still wear pants and a shirt, but there is no need for a tie. Always ensure that you
iron the creases from your clothes before wearing them and if you are wearing a suit,
remove your jacket before sitting down. Make sure that your shoes are polished and
clean, and you will be able to make a dazzling first impression, whether you are out
for business or pleasure.

Manners Maketh the Man

As well as looking the part, you will also want to act it, which means that you will
have to mind your manners and be polite. Some call it chivalry, and other people call
it good manners, but being respectful and kinds to people you do not know will show
a lot about your character. Doing things such as holding the door open, allowing
people to go before you, saying please and thank you and not raising your voice, will
go a long way to making a fantastic first impression.

When you look after your appearance and wear smart clothes, you will find that
people may treat you differently. If you treat others how you would like to be treated
yourself, you will become a modern man with a traditional look, and people will treat
you accordingly. Dress smartly, have a shave and tidy your hair, and treat people
well, and you may be surprised at the difference that it can make in your life.